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INBOUNDers Taught Me That I Ooze Content

September 11, 2015

Let me start by saying I am not a marketing professional.  Standing at the podium during my BOLD TALK, I couldn’t help but notice people taking notes.  I was surprised because – Moving “The Table” Requires You to Get Out of Your Chair – was merely a collection of my thoughts regarding how we should be “in relationship” and the power associated with “tables” in our lives.

The things I talked about yesterday reflected my unique way of connecting common dots that circle around us in uncommon ways.  I did all the things they tell you to do when giving a talk: tell stories (check), limit what’s on your slides (check), and have a clear number of key points (check).

I was more curious than nervous as I took the stage because the participants seemed subdued during most sessions this week.  That’s why the notetaking surprised me.  Truth-be-known, it seemed odd but then my colleague Mark told me that I was providing live “content.”  Who knew?  I guess I thought the relative silence in many sessions indicated a lack of engagement but from the stage it felt different.  INBOUNDers are paying attention, even as they tap furiously on their devices and (gasp) take notes in long-hand.  They paid attention because I have stories.  I have content.

5 Things INBOUNDers taught me:

  • My voice is important to what you do so I needed to be at INBOUND15.
  • My sector (public health) is clueless about marketing and if we don’t learn from you, folks will die.
  • Just because it looks like a party doesn’t mean there’s nothing valuable happening.
  • Down time between sessions is darn near a gift from God.
  • Stories really are as important as facts…seriously.

4 Things INBOUND should think about for next year:

  • Encourage your speakers to talk with people, not just talk to them.
  • Weave the wisdom of BOLD TALKS throughout the schedule. They get lost when lumped.
  • The graying and browning of America are coming our way. Check your demographics and plan for it!
  • Water is just as important as coffee!

3 Highlights from My BOLD TALK: Moving “The Table” Requires You to Get Out of Your Chair

  • First-Hand Knowledge is One Law of Attraction: As much as we like to think that attraction is the first step in any relationship, being in relationship precedes lasting attraction — not the other way around.  People have to know you, to want you.
  • Leaders have vision. To be the change you want to see, you have to see what needs to be changed: You have to have clear sight lines to have a vision.  Trust me; those sight lines are away from your table and outside of your physical and intellectual comfort zones.  Leave your chair.
  • Leaders spot problems with power (even if it’s them), and they find opportunities to manage power with equity: The equitable use of power at any table has the potential to make us bigger, faster, stronger, smarter, and better at what we do – leading to more success, better outcomes, and better quality of everything for people with whom we seek to be in relationship. Just ask who benefits and who’s burdened by what you do.

2 Things I Loved About INBOUND15

  • MUSIC! Thank you.  Thank you.
  • Your staff and volunteers ROCK!

1 Thing I’d Do Again:

  • Earhustle: Listening to tidbits of people’s conversations sitting and walking around me was just as valuable as listening to any speaker.  Attendee Wisdom=Cost of INBOUND Registration
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  1. kusasii29 permalink
    September 11, 2015 2:38 pm

    It’s amazing how my eruditeness has rubbed off on you. LOL!!!


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